AppalTappers Clogging Group

Group Teacher

The group Teacher is Yvonne Cox who has been clogging since1998 and a qualified leader since 2000.

Yvonne was press ganged into qualifying so that she could teach a group in Bielefeld Germany who had started clogging with a guest instructor.  The group prospered under Yvonne's leadership and named themselves the Hang Loose Clogging Group. 

On her return to England Yvonne suffered clog dancing withdrawal symptoms and went in search of a group local to New Milton in Hampshire; the nearest group were called 'Spank The Planks' who are based in Bournemouth, however they only danced to traditional Appalachian live music and Yvonne's interest was really in contemporary music.

July 2002 saw the birth of the AppalTappers Clogging Group - 'Appal' being a rather weak play on the word Appalachian and apple which is an even weaker play on our name Cox (as in Coxes apples)!

Yvonne is now settled in New Milton with Nigel and enjoys the frequent visits by their children Steven and Joanna as well Joanna's son Charlie.

Since returning to England Yvonne has taught at clubs in Germany, USA, New Zealand and Australia as well as going back consistently to run workshops at  the European Callers and Teachers Association (ECTA) Clogging Conventions; she has also been contracted to teach at Special dances held by the European  Association of American Square Dance Clubs (EAASDC)..

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